The primary objective of Stride Fitness Program is to achieve and maintain a good state of health,followed by an improvement in physical,stress reduction,anxiety and therefore an increase in the general welfare. With 2-3 sessions weekly of Stride is possible to improve capacity cardiovascular and respiratory systems through:• A decrease in heart rate at rest;
• the increase in cardiac output and oxygen consumption;
• improving the capillarity and then the peripheral circulation;
better tolerance to stress.
From the metabolic point of view the use of fat reserves and a proper diet, allow to:
• to control body weight;
• regulate blood pressure;
• stimulate metabolism;
• fight metabolic syndrome.
Noteworthy are also the beneficial effects of bone joint stress, favoring the fixation of calcium, preventing osteoporosis and slowing down the process of bone loss.
Relevant then, as in any physical activity in general, is the production of endorphins and serotonin, which have beneficial effects on mood and help to create that state of “healthy fatigue” useful to the relaxation and indispensable to the better quality of sleep.