Poles developed and produced by GABEL are the only tool of Stride Fitness Program . They actively involve the muscles of the arms and torso, improving the stability and balance, postural control and the general maintenance of the position of departure and arrival in the execution of the exercises.
The use of poles also improves weight distribution and allows the execution of exercises such extraordinary leaps, jumps and others considered high impact.
This requires an adequate teaching and a detailed explanation of the position which must assume the poles to the ground, both for the effectiveness of the gesture (pushing and unloading optimal), both to avoid harmful asymmetries, especially in strengthening exercises.
Where it is not expressly required oblique position, the poles should rest perpendicular to the floor, with an aperture equal to that of the arms, encouraging stability and balance.


Finally, in the execution of many exercises, hands must not grab the knob, but to rest over the top with the palm, because the pushing action develops along the longitudinal axis of the arm and hand work in dorsiflexion and not the side.



In the Stride stick must have some technical details in order to get the most out of the exercises.
It must be made of a light alloy tube, which ensures reliability in strength and flexibility; height-adjustable so that the angle at the elbow is approximately 90 ° degrees to favor the correct posture during the execution of toning exercises (which we will see in detail below). Finally must have a tip where they apply the appropriate Para Walking B-Tip.
The choice of the Para-B Walking Tip depends on the floor of the room in which it takes place Stride fitness program.
Normally working surfaces are: linoleum, wood (parquet) more or less painted or polished and sometimes rubber floors.
The cap is essential to ensure stability on the floor during the performance of high and low impact movements and movements that can be done in different directions.
Stride Poles GABEL are so characterized:

Grip double hardness with special allergenic rubber;

Materials light alloy for aeronautical uses, or carbon fiber they offer exceptional light weight and high mechanical strength;

Spike specially designed and manufactured in toughened polyamide;

Telescopic Tubes adjustable in height from 80CM to 130CM with clamping system that guarantee a power greater than 100 kg

Para B Tip Para-B Walking Tip